Facebook Version


Facebook has multiple versions of their Graph API, and what version you will be using ultimately comes down to when you registered your app with Facebook. Your app is automatically configured to use the most recent version of the API at the time the app is created. So for an app created years ago, it might still be possible to use v2.0 of the Graph API, whereas an app created today will be forced to use v2.4.

See what version your app is configured to use

You should also notice that if the version of the API that you're app is configured to use at some point no longer is supported, your app will be bumped to use the lowest supported version of the API instead. Eg. my app in the screenshot above was originally created when v1.0 was the newest version, but since it is no longer supported, my app has been bumped to use v2.0 instead.

Explicit version

You can't change the configured version your self, but if you can explicitly tell the Graph API what version you want to use. When making calls directly to the API, you should then call /v2.4/me instead of just /me.

Facebook only allows you to use newer versions than what your app is configured to use by default, but you can't use older versions of the Graph API. So if your app is configured to use v2.4, and you make a call to /v2.3/me/, v2.4 will still be used.

In Skybrud.Social, you can explicitly specify the API version to be used like in the example below (where service is an instance of FacebookService):

service.Client.Version = "v2.9";