GitHub Getting a single repository

Getting a single repository

You can look up a specific repository by the username of the parent user/organization and the name of the repository through the GetRepository method like shown below:

@using Skybrud.Social.GitHub.Models.Repositories
@using Skybrud.Social.GitHub.Responses.Repositories
@inherits WebViewPage<Skybrud.Social.GitHub.GitHubService>


    // Make the request to the API
    GitHubGetRepositoryResponse response = Model.Repositories.GetRepository("abjerner", "Skybrud.Social");

    // Get the repository from the response body
    GitHubRepository repository = response.Body;

    <p>ID: @repository.Id</p>
    <p>Name: @repository.Name</p>


The method will return an instance of GitHubGetRepositoryResponse that represents the entire response received from the GitHub API. In this instance, the Body property exposes the repository information as an instance of GitHubRepository.