Facebook Pages


The pages endpoint lets you get information about pages based on either their ID or alias. The amount of information returned for a page is based on the type of the page.

An example on how to get information about a page could look like:

// Make the request to the API
FacebookPageResponse response = service.Pages.GetPage("skybrud");

// The the page object from the response
FacebookPage page = response.Body;

// Write some of the page information to the console
Console.WriteLine("Name: " + page.Name);
Console.WriteLine("Likes: " + page.Likes);
Console.WriteLine("Description: " + page.Description);
Console.WriteLine("Website: " + page.Website);
Console.WriteLine("Checkins: " + page.Checkins);

Each page on Facebook will have a unique ID - like 185238545407 for the page of Skybrud.dk. Even though IDs on Facebook look like numbers, they should be treated as strings since Facebook has announced that this may change in the future. A page may also have an alias. In the case of Skybrud.dk, the alias is skybrud.

The GetPage method lets you specify either the ID or the alias.

Posting / Updating

The Graph API also has support for updating some of the information of a given page, but since I've mainly focused on reading from the Graph API, updating a page is currently not possible with Skybrud.Social.


A page may have a number of other objects added under them of various types. To access these, you have to make a request to what Facebook calls an edge. As an example, you could call the albums edge to get a list of albums of a given page. Here is a list of (some of) the edges for pages: