The implementation for the Pinterest API is currently a bit limited, only supporting authentication and getting information about a user through the users endpoint.

Making calls to the API

Your entry point to the Pinterest API is the PinterestService class located in the Skybrud.Social.Pinterest namespace.

To initialize the class with an access token, your code could look like shown below:

// Initialize a new service instance from an access token
PinterestService service = PinterestService.CreateFromAccessToken("insert access token here");

The PinterestService class builds on top of the PinterestOAuthClient class, so you can also specify an instance of this class instead:

// Initialize a new service instance from an OAuth client
PinterestService service = PinterestService.CreateFromOAuthClient(new PinterestOAuthClient {
    AccessToken = "insert access token here"

If you don't already have an access token, you can read more about this on the authentication page.