Pinterest Editing an existing board

Editing an existing board

Having the ID of a board, you can edit it like:

@using Skybrud.Social.Pinterest.Objects.Boards
@using Skybrud.Social.Pinterest.Responses.Boards
@inherits WebViewPage<Skybrud.Social.Pinterest.PinterestService>

    // Declare the ID of the board we wish to edit
    string boardId = "367536088279413701";

    // Initialize the parameters
    string boardName = "Hello World";
    string boardDesc = "This is a new description";

    // Make the call to the Pinterest API
    PinterestEditBoardResponse response = Model.Boards.EditBoard(boardId, boardName, boardDesc);

    // Get a reference to edited the board
    PinterestBoard board = response.Body.Data;